Best lipstick Brands with Shades in India

Maybelline – Maybelline is an America based cosmetic company founded in the year of 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams and initially started selling Maybelline cake Mascara and later introduced Ultra lash. The acquisition of Maybelline by Loreal Paris in the year of 1996 helped Loreal to cover the mass market of cosmetics. The slogan of Maybelline since 1991, “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” got popular really quick and helped in creating a strong brand. Presently, Gigi Hadid is the new face of Maybelline worldwide. The brand entered in India in the year of 1998 with an advanced and impressive product and is leading the Indian market since then. Presently, Maybelline offers varieties of products in category of skin, face, lips, nails but it grabbed major attention of Indian audience with the launch of its Colossal Kajal, tinted lip balms, and matte lipsticks. The brand connects very well with young Indian women and the products of Maybelline are available very easily in the market as well as on various online websites too. The company is headquartered in New York City.

Lakme – The Indian brand Lakme was founded in the year of 1952 and is currently owned by Hindustan Unilever. The company was started after Jawaharlal Nehru concern of Indian women spending a hefty amount on purchasing foreign cosmetics and requested JRD Tata to manufacture these cosmetics in India itself. Lakme currently is the No. 1 company of cosmetics especially in the category of lipsticks in the Indian market and faces stiff competition from Maybelline. The brand offers products in the category of skin, face, lips etc. Apart from offering cosmetics, Lakme conducts Fashion Week every year and has opened its own “Lakme Salon” across the country offering salon treatment with their products. Kareena Kapoor, the Indian actress is currently the brand ambassador for Lakme. The products offered by the brand is easily available in the market as well as in various e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon. Lakme always tries to launch cosmetics which are fresh and innovative in order to catch Indian women attention and the prices at which they sell these cosmetics are very reasonable.

L’Oreal Paris – L’Oreal Paris is another extremely popular brand amongst Indian women. The brand is a France based company which was founded in the year of 1909 by Eugène Schueller and is headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine. Presently, it is one of the largest company in cosmetics and offers products in the category of hair, skin, face, make-up, perfume, sun- protection etc. Loreal Paris also has the largest range of lipsticks offering matte, crème lipstick and color Riche lipsticks. The brand offers premium lipstick with long-lasting color and strong pigmentation. The current brand ambassador of Loreal Paris in India is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Lipsticks and other cosmetics offered by Loreal Paris are easily available in the market as well as various e-commerce website online. The brand is trusted amongst all the Indian women for lipsticks and other cosmetics. Loreal Paris has Maybelline as its subsidiary and has Garnier as its second largest brand in the group of Loreal Paris.

Elle – Elle is a brand introduced in the year of 1998 and is owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in India. The brand was launched with a purpose of making cosmetics premium and affordable at the same time. The brand is popular for its color bomb lipsticks and Kajal. Elle targets young and modern Indian women by offering them bright and funky colors with widest range lipsticks. These lipsticks come in cute packaging which makes it travel-friendly and retails for a price of Rs 100 for a 4.3g quantity but one can get them at a discounted price of Rs 95 at various e-commerce websites too. The brand is very popular in India and one can easily purchase them at their nearby cosmetics store. Currently, Elle 18 has Anushka Sharma, the Indian actress as their brand ambassador and it has newly added bright lip balms and 20 different matte lipsticks onto their cosmetic line.

Lotus – Lotus is an Indian brand which was founded in the year of 1993 and the founder name is Mr. Kamal Passi. The brand offers natural as well as herbal cosmetics based on scientific research. The brand exports to almost 16 countries across the globe and is a very popular brand in India. Lotus Herbal offers cosmetics in the category of face, skin, lips, nails, eyes and make-up kits. Lotus has the widest range of lipstick in the matte category and these colors are specially designed to go with Indian skin tones. Lotus Herbal lipsticks come at a retail price of Rs.325 but one can get them at a discounted price on various e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon etc. The brand is popular for its sunscreen and grabbing the attention of Indian women for its lipsticks as well. This lipstick comes with a total quantity of 4.2 g, has strong pigmentation and contains Vitamin E and jojoba oil for a creamy texture.

Perky – The brand Perky offers various lipstick and matte lip gloss which are easily available in e-commerce website like Flipkart and Amazon in India. Perky offers matte lip gloss with a total quantity of 6 g, metallic finish and long-lasting. These matte lip gloss are waterproof and can easily get removed with the help of a lip cleansing oil. Perky offers these lip glosses for a  maximum retail price of Rs.699/- and one can get them at a discounted price of Rs. 254/- online.  The brand also offers matte lipstick with bright as well as warm tones with a total weight of 3 g. This matte lipstick has a maximum retail price of Rs. 1,398/- but one can get them at a discounted price of Rs. 364/- at Flipkart, these lipsticks has a matte finish and has long-lasting duration. It has a maximum shelf life 24 months and is suitable for all skin types.