Best Washing Machine in India 2018

Compared to washer of dishes, many homeowners don’t think about their washing machines that much. They believe that its duty is to wash clothes and avoid the spread of colors. Though it’s easy to grab a washing machine online or at a store, it’s still a good idea to review and check for what you want your machine to have, and what makes it stand out from other machines and brands. The selection of the right washing machine comes with following points to keep in mind. Especially when choosing a one for you and your laundry room.

1] Check for Capacity –

When it comes to clothes being dumped in a washing machine, capacity is what needs to be checked first. After all, the amount put in the effort taken for a clean and clear result. The capacity basically depends on the tub’s size and depth. In this, questions come up – How much will I be able to put in? Will I be washing things that are heavy or light? That’s obvious, thus, you are going to need a machine that will take in a good amount of clothes. There are some available with 4 Kg to 6 Kg to 10 Kg holding each round of few minutes, a clean and clear wash of your charming clothes and delicates.  

2] Check for the Type of Washing Machine You Need –

Knowing that washing machines are the cycle of the life, they are of two types – semi-automated and fully automated washing machines. The semi-automated washing machines have two tubs. The first tub is used for having your clothes and delicates to rinse, spin and get washed well. And the second tub is used as a dryer for your clothes. This semi-automated washing machine is safe and ensures a long lasting life for your clothes. They are known to widely be used by many consumers residing in America, Dubai, India, and the UK. Looking around, your bed sheets and heavy curtains can be easily washed in these machines. But, if they are big and bulky and heavy, then, this washing machine is bound to need a capacity that is at least 9.5 kg on spin and wash.


Coming to a fully automated washing machine, they come with easy button push for different mode wash like jeans, cotton, and spin. Mostly, the machine does everything automatically, so all you’ve got to do is put in the clothes and just turn on your washing machine. Most of them look smart and stylish and are available online and at regular stores. The machines are available in stainless steel bodies, ensuring a power wash impact and a thorough rinse. Furthermore, it is seen that the working class is buying them and using them. Note, they slightly higher in price compared to semi-automated washing machines.

3] Check What Kind of Door Your Washing Machine Requires –

What you need to most remember is that fully automated washing machines come with 2 types of doors – front doors and top doors. Stylish and smart-looking them may be, they still need to be of convenience when it comes to using. Furthermore, it shows your choice of looks, fashion, and lifestyle. For a top door means top load, which can easily call for an easy throw of clothes into the machine after a separating color and your delicates, and the whites. For this, all you need to do is just living up a lid and start throwing in. Moreover, these machines are light in weight and cost less in the mode of purchase. Furthermore, it comes with a hose that can be changed after every 5 years.

The operation or work – Let the clothes go into the machine’s drum, and set the functions of your wash accordingly, where the machine works its magic from washing your wearable clothing items and delicates to having them being dried in the same washing machine for you.

The machine is to be known as an advantage for you will never have to bend when it comes to a take out of your trend. Does your complete routine at a touch of a button, requiring less effort put in towards laundry! Your laundry time’s certain to collect some nostalgic moments to remember later.

The front door, however, makes you bend to put in and take out those trends [clothes] of yours, and stay on a better washing quality that makes you clothes clear and clean and complete drained out the inner drum of the machine due to it long time fine wash. But, at times, thin fiber clothes can even become weak with its long wash. This part has to be checked on or maintained.

This machine works more, but, consumes less energy. Also, it takes up slightly more space compared to top door washing machines. These are mainly brought by many nuclear families and bachelorettes too.

4] Washing with your Washing Machine –

From the old days to when clothes were taken down to the river and beaten to today’s washing machines, there are many washing methods that have become successful due to detergents such as Tide and Ariel and Vanish. But, there are machines of Samsung and Whirlpool too. They take the stand and clean up the mess and marks on our trendy fibered clothes and delicates. One way is a soak wash and then, drain in a washing machine. For seeing how it’s done, add you stained material into the machine. Start filling in water using the connection and then, add the detergent with your stain remover such as vanish. Soak the material for 15 to 25 minutes and then, have the water completely drained out. For a complete wash will allow your washing machine’s drum to a refill for a fine wash.

5] Check for Brand –

What’s grand when buying a washing machine? It’s the brand. Why is that? It’s simply because the brand makes a reputation and builds its image and loyalty and grabs customers attention. The brand is built with the washing machines benefits that are mentioned below with extra features introduced in its role. Furthermore, the brands such as Samsung and Whirlpool builds the images with the quality provided too, which later for the customer turn out to be a must buy product.

6] Check for Benefits

Taking this thought into consideration! Many of us don’t have laundry room set up in our building for this; we end up having a washing machine in our homes. This gives us many benefits that are:

1] A washing machine saves time. For it sits and monitors the washing process of your clothes and takes cycles to a turn, rinse and clean. You can easily end your other work while you’ve got clothes in the washing machine. For most mom’s and bachelors are seen cooking and cleaning while having their clothes washed, and later, they are transferred into a dryer that completes the job well done.

2] Available according to the shape and size you want, they can take just enough space you wish to give it in your home. For many Indian are seen sitting it next to their washing machines in their kitchens or corner clean space walls due to limited apartment space issues, which an apartment theory to a fill of larger load items such as bed and sofa covers, comforters and quilts and curtains other than clothes, and canvas shoes and inner wears.

3] Washing machines play a huge role in reducing the efforts on having you clothes delivered back to you clean and clear having all spots removed. It gracefully reduced the efforts of having to rub and rush for wear and tear later that effortlessly will sort out the issue of beating as well, compared to the olden days.

4] Washing machines invested now works for about 5 years. In short, having one at home will save pennies instead of spending them at the laundry and offering tips for extra services and more. Plus, you will not need to worry about the count on the number of clothes you’ve put into the machine. Just dump, wash and relax. Because, there’s always warranty.

Now that you know how to choose the right washing machine to wash your clothes, you should be ready to try out a new machine – you’ll be amazed at how much easier doing the laundry can be