Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Castor oil is a vegetable oil which is extracted from pressing the seeds of castor oil plant and found mostly in parts of Africa and India. It is being used in the manufacturing of soap, lubricants, paints, dye, waxes and polishes, perfumes etc. It has its own distinct smell and taste and is colorless in appearance. Castor oil is highly used in medicines, food, and perspective, skin and hair, biodiesel etc. Since ancient times, castor oil is being used as a beauty treatment to effectively manage skin problem such as acne, dry skin, fades blemishes, prevents stretch marks etc. and hair problems such as hair thinning, dandruff, split ends, hair loss, dry scalp etc.

Castor oil is of various types such as organic castor oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and hydrogenated castor oil. And mainly these types of castor oil are famous taking care of the hair. Though castor oil can be used in its pure form, it can also be mixed with other hair oils like olive oil or jojoba oil, to provide an overall support for hair health and for complete nourishment. People who have used castor oil has reported that their hair has shown three times growth with its application. It is advisable to apply Caster oil only once to twice on a weekly basis because if you apply it on a daily basis it would not give any increased results. Therefore, “the more, the better” notion is not applicable while using castor oil for hair treatments. Apply only small portions of the oil all over the scalp and using additional oils along with castor oil is completely optional.

Castor oil is easily available in the nearby grocery store, big departmental store, as well as one can purchase it online as well. Castor oil comes in various quantities and there is a various brand which offers castor oil, therefore, one should purchase only that castor oil which is hundred percent pure and is made through cold-pressed.

Castor oil contains omega-3 and fatty acids which cater to resolve the problem of hair and give overall strength to the hair. The following benefits castor oil has on hair are as follows:-

  • Regrows hair – Castor oil has omega-9 and ricinoleic acid which helps in improving the overall blood circulation and thus, promotes hair growth and nourishes the scalp and strengthens the tip from roots. In order to increase the growth of your hair, mix coconut oil with some castor oil and leave it for overnight. The mixture would help in controlling hair loss as well as promote hair growth.
  • Controls Hair fall– Castor oil is rich in anti-oxidants and the high content of Ricinoleic acid in it, helps in making hair more stronger from the roots and moreover, provides protection against microbes while improving blood circulation. Therefore, increases the volume of the hair and prevents hair fall altogether.
  • Fights dandruff and scalp related infections– Scalp related issues like itchiness, dryness and bald patches are resolved by application castor oil due to the presence of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The presence of Ricinoleic acid in Castor oil helps in balancing the pH level of the scalp and replenishes scalp natural oil and helps in reducing the harm done by the excessive use of chemical based hair products. In order to remove dandruff completely, take a spoonful of castor oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice, apply it to the scalp for half an hour and wash thoroughly.
  • Treats split ends– Split ends is another problem which is majorly faced by all. Castor oil helps in treating roots from the scalp and helps in smoothening rough hair cuticles. In order to effectively manage split ends, apply castor oil with a combination of Jojoba oil or olive oil. Olive oil helps in smoothing the frizzy hair due to the presence of Vitamin E. Apply the combination to all section of hair starting from roots, keep it for half n hour and wash thoroughly to reduce and completely treat split-ends at the end.
  • Increases thickness of Hair– With control over hair fall and increases the overall hair growth leading to the increased thickness of hair.
  • Natural conditioner- Castor oil act as a natural moisturizer and conditioner for hairs without worrying about the harmful effects which chemical conditioners have. Castor oil is rich in moisture which goes deep in the scalp and helps in regaining the lost texture and moisture of hair. Due to its conditioning properties, the oil is able to leave smooth and full of life feel to the hair. In order to effectively moisturize the hair, apply a combination of honey, half lemon juice and castor oil on the roots and leave it for thirty minutes before washing your hair and another way is to simply put castor oil onto your hair fifteen minutes prior washing your hair.
  • Premature Graying- Premature graying happens for various like due to lack of presence of protein in the diet and many other reasons. Castor oil helps in preventing premature graying from the early stage and helps in maintaining the pigmentation of your hair. Apply castor oil directly to the hair and leave it for thirty minutes or so and wash it off thoroughly with mild shampoo.
  • Provides shine to the hair- The presence of antioxidants in castor oil helps in providing shone to the outer surface of the hair making them look healthy all the time. Check out Magic hair in motion for complete hair solutions.