Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil benefits

Coconut oil is high in saturated fats and is extracted from harvested mature coconuts from coconut palm trees. Coconut oil is highly used in India majorly in south India for its cosmetic properties i.e. multiple benefits for skin and hair. Coconut oil is produced through dry process, wet process, hydrogenation, refinement and deodorization but in order to avail benefits for skin and hair, one should use virgin coconut oil or pure coconut oil which are being offered by various brand and are easily available at the nearby grocery stores, departmental stores as well as e-commerce websites in India at vacuum skin packaging. Since ancient times people are using coconut oil in India as well as other Asian countries but due to the presence of high amount of saturated fat, the oil is unhealthy for cooking food and the consumption of it should be limited as stated by World Health Organization (WHO). But, nevertheless, coconut oil works wonders for your skin as well as hair.

The endless benefits which coconut oil has for your skin are being listed below:-

  • Natural Moisturizer– Instead of using cosmetics which has a harsh chemical switch to something which is organic and chemical-free which is coconut oil. Coconut oil can be directly applied to the skin in order to condition and moisturize the skin making your skin supple and smooth.
  • Strengthens Tissue- Coconut oil helps in removing the dead cells of the skin and at the same time it strengthen the tissue under the skin.
  • Wound Healer- Since ancient times people are using coconut oil to naturally heal the wounds by applying coconut oil directly to the skin and are consuming a pint of coconut oil to fight infections and for fast recovery.
  • Massaging oil- Coconut oil is being used as a massaging oil as it is skin-friendly and fights problems dry and patchy skin as well as to prevent and treat skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis.
  • Shaving legs- Instead of using creams which are infused with a harsh chemical for shaving legs, replace it with coconut oil. Apply coconut oil before shaving your legs in order to get smooth and glowing legs which are not at all dry and rather looks hydrated.
  • Makeup remover– Just dab a small cotton in coconut oil and sweep it all over your face, it easily removes makeup within few seconds leaving the skin look hydrated and after that, wash your face as usual, once you’re done.
  • For Perfect pout – For removal of dry and chapped lips, apply a mixture of coconut oil with brown sugar and honey which act as a natural as well as inexpensive lip scrub to get those lustrous and fuller lips you’ve been dreaming of! You can also mix coconut oil with your old lipstick to get tinted and moisturized lips which makes your lips pout perfectly.
  • Natural body scrub- If you are looking for a body scrub which is skin-friendly then your search ends here, coconut oil itself acts as a natural body scrub to make your skin lustrous and smooth. For that, firstly, melt half cup of coconut oil in low heat and add one cup of brown sugar to it with a little salt, in order to give it a fragrance, add pure vanilla extract or other essential oil and your natural body scrub is ready to be used which is inexpensive and chemical-free at the same time.
  • What are the reputed benefits of oil pulling?- Some dentist from our Tee Family Dental recommend coconut oil pulling as an effective way to whiten teeth and remove bacteria. Some advocates online suggest it can treat tooth decay, kill bad breath, heal bleeding gums, prevent cavities and even prevent heart disease. There is a book, entitled Oil pulling therapy, that promises it exerts a powerful cleansing and healing effect on the mouth and sinuses and the rest of the body.

There are various hair products available in the market but all these products consist of harsh chemicals like Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS)  and other ingredients which damages the hair, making them dry and brittle. Coconut oil is widely popularized for its numerous benefits for hair which helps in undoing the damage done by excess usage of these chemicals. Let’s have a look:-

  • Deep Conditioning – Coconut oil consists of various fatty acids and penetrates hair deeply than any other essential oil. In order to deeply condition your hair, apply coconut oil directly to the hair scalp and leave it for at least 2 hours (the longer you keep, the better results you’ll get) and wash thoroughly with mild shampoo. Coconut oil helps in repairing split-ends as well as moisturizes the scalp.
  • Detangle hairs naturally– Coconut oil is very useful if you long wavy or curly hairs, it acts as a natural detangler on a daily basis without doing any harm to your tresses. Apply a portion of coconut oil to the end of your hair working your way to roots and gradually, it detangles the tangled hairs.
  • Controls Dandruff– Dandruff is a common problem faced by the majority of people especially during winters. Coconut oil has antioxidants present in them which help to effectively manage and control dandruff. In order to control dandruff, wash your hair before bedtime at night with mild chemical-free shampoo and conditioner and apply melted coconut oil to your scalp, leave it for overnight and wash it again in the morning for best results.
  • The base for Hair Coloring – Coconut oil helps in making your hair color vibrant and retains it from fading quickly. For lustrous and shining color, mix coconut oil with natural hair color that you want, apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for a while for the color to set. After that has been achieved, wash your hair naturally with lukewarm water and chemical free shampoo for removal of excess oil and color and in order to get best results cover your hair for overnight.