Olive Oil Benefits Skin for hair & Skin

Olive Oil Benefits: Skin & Hair Care

Olive oil is extracted from olives which are originated from  Mediterranean Basin and are highly preferred for cooking, frying as well as it is used for its cosmetic benefit also. Olive oil is nothing but a liquid fat which is extracted from pressing a whole olive and in ancient times, Egyptians used olive oil for medical purposes, religious rituals as well as for soap making activities. In today’s time, Spain, Greece, and Italy are considered to be the largest producers of Olive oil in the worldwide. The demand for olive oil increased in the world when consumers became more health conscious and more aware of the various benefits which olive oil possess. Today, Majority of people wants to live a  healthy lifestyle, using holistic health care methods in this dynamic as well as the stressful environment in order to avoid any life-threatening diseases. Therefore, this led to people switching over olive oil against refined oil while cooking food for their family for its benefits of promoting good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol and presence of vitamins and minerals which refined oil lacks. Olive oil is not just a kitchen ingredient, apart from using olive oil for cooking purposes, it is also very famous for its benefits for skin and hair. People use olive oil in order to have a healthy looking skin and hair. One may ask how? Well, the detailed benefits of Olive oil for skin and hair is being listed below, so, let’s have a look.

 Olive oil Benefits for Skin

We all face some or the other skin related problems like acne, rashes, dry or itchy skin etc. once over a period of time. These problems may arise due to lifestyle stress, use of harmful beauty products etc. The presence of a harmful chemical in these beauty products makes skin dull and saggy over a period of time, therefore, one should avoid such beauty products in order prevent skin related problems and should opt for natural products to have a radiant and natural glow which is healthy looking as well. One such natural and the chemical-free product is Olive oil which is made from cold pressing the whole olive, hence, making it free from any chemical processing. Olive oil is being used for skin since ancient times due to its richness in healthy vitamins, also, Olive oil has antioxidants and Vitamin E which makes it an excellent natural product for moisturizing the skin after every wash. Olive oil is a light and non-sticky oil which protects one’s skin from harmful rays of the sun as well as protects your skin during harsh windy days. Additionally, learn more about Touch Up Laser in case of acne scars, loose skin, redness and wrinkles. Olive oil doesn’t have any chemicals which you might find in your regular and popular body lotion. Hence, making your skin soft and supple all day. Moreover, olive oil also acts as a great makeup remover as it easily removes your make up with no hazels whatsoever leaving your skin nice and moisturized. Since Vitamin E is present in olive oil, it helps in improving the overall skin health by treating acne and also, protects the skin from diseases like skin cancer and psoriasis. Olive oil also comes with anti-aging properties which naturally delays the sign of skin aging and wrinkles and naturally helps in healing cracked lips and heels by exfoliating both lips and heels in order to make them soft and completely healed again. So, grab a bottle of olive oil in order to naturally take care of your skin rather than spending hundreds and thousands of bucks on harmful beauty products. Although I should say that some dermatologic procedures proved to be effective (for cellulite treatment from The NYC Dermatology and Laser Group visit their site). Learn more on skin benefits of olive oil here.

Olive oil Benefits for Hair

There are many reasons for hair fall as people grow old, reasons like the use of harmful chemicals present in hair oil, excess use of hair sprays, overheating the hairs, lack of presence of vitamins and minerals in one’s diet and the reasons can go endless. It is being recommended by many doctors that apart from using olive oil just for cooking, it can also be used for treating such hair problems as well. It acts as a natural hair oil without harmful chemicals which are present in almost all popular hair oils in the market, these chemicals which one should avoid are artificial fragrances, petroleum product like mineral oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, cosmetic color, benzophenone-3 and many more. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants, the oil is free from chemical processing, therefore, olive oil can also be used as a hair oil to get those perfect shining and healthy looking hairs, free from dandruff, hair fall or other hair related problems. In order to have a healthy long looking hair, olive oil can be applied with combination of 1 teaspoon of honey and an egg yolk and this treatment proves helpful as it is done as olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, honey has nutrients like magnesium, zinc, calcium which moisturizes hair and egg is known for its conditioning properties. Hair needs elasticity in order to remain strong from roots to tip and that is what olive oil provides and in order to give your hair the overall strength and shine, one can simply apply olive oil onto their before taking a shower. Olive oil with the presence of Vitamin E and other minerals also helps in reducing as well as prevention of dandruff, making hair smooth and manageable at all times. Olive oil can be applied on the hair on a weekly basis over a period of time to make hair soft and to promote hair growth.

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