Smart Watches in India

Opening the box itself creates a unique experience. For it tells you the main features of the brand and its product, giving you the change to experience and change yourself with a new and advanced smart watch that’s smart, stylish and can do much more by simply sitting on your wrist. Thus, with the question popped up in our minds now – Which is the best smart watch to buy this year?

Well, let’s take a look at these 5 brands and know why.

1] Apple smart watch –

Many say, “To be the best, you’ve got to take out the best.”

But, that’s not used anymore. Why? It’s because Apple is here to make you the best with an effortless fitting wearable on your left hand. For it is known and loved by all.

Apple as a watch means one of a kind, having attractive features that start making your life good and happy. Having it on the hand, one would say – This is the life! That’s what everyone wants when it comes to Apple and its products. Especially, its phones and its smart watches.

For an Apple smart watch, it shaped as a fitness band or a square screen watch that simply looks astonishing.  For its smooth and stylish OLED screen shows numbers and is compatible, and is light in weight compared to all other watches. The square screen with rounded glass edges make it simple to swipe up, down, left and right from the edge to provide additional shortcuts. The Apple smart watch in a person’s hand means he or she has a gift to end work quickly with good quality.

Thought the Apple smart watch turns out to be the number one eye-catching Bluetooth working device, its performance take eyes to the take and hands for tips to a better life.  Furthermore, the App’s ability to add an additional set of exercises comes into an extra training session for you and your heart’s betterment, which calls for a new look with the Apple smart watch on your hand. Getting it would mean a better life today.

2] Fitbit –

Once you spend time with the Ionic, it becomes clear why we say and take Fitbit as our smart watch, but, more like our fitness watch. In placing their vision since 2007, they’ve done great with their activity trackers, bands, and other wearable tech devices that gather data on the number of steps walked, your heart rate and calories burned. For it aims for you to live a fit and healthy life and inspires those around you to do the same too. Today, we see many Fitbit devices having GPS too, which will make moving around and finding things easy and quick.

Look at this brand’s smart watch and its fitness tracking feature, many benefits can be received from it. Like, the Fitbit smart watch helps you to know what time is it, and its alarm system helps you wake up on time for a run or work. In short, it shapes you wake up time. Furthermore, it keeps you informed on its screen and gets you into the perfect shape with its famous tracking feature that shows your workout or running level, which enhances your exercise a lot, and that leads to keeping you fit and fine.

Going towards the design of a Fitbit smart watch, the actual display screen on the icon or content with its LCD touch screen, which carries the logo making it look more smart and stylish. It’s the perfect wearable even for a ball or party, owning a formal yet sporty look leaving all eyes attracted towards it.

3] Samsung Smart watch –

If the smart watch feels comfortable or like a friend sitting on your wrist means it’s from Samsung. The brands that can turn your foul mood goo, and can make your day go well. Looking at the controls on a fitness band, there’s proper phone notifications and connectivity for calls today.

There’s also the time where you end up jumping into a pool or getting wet and sweaty after a workout and find that the Gear S3 Samsung smart watches are water resistant that makes a product most wanted, despite having an installed physical activity tracker in it.

The design speaks big and bold, and can never be on hold. This masterly inventive smart watch makes for you an on-time teller that calls its design and steel build body, which look smart and stylish owning a handsome and rich feel to your wrist. This watch sure is slightly heavier than an Apple watch. But, it makes perfect for an all round – situation wear.

4] Sony smart watch

Sony had been the best for a long time now. First were the TVs, Laptops, Phones, MP3 players and now the smart watches that’s the most wanted device on the market. The Sony smart watches allow you to make and answer calls as it runs on Bluetooth application. Made to read and gain information on a screen, the watch has a built-in speaker that allows you to listen to your favorite music, anywhere and everywhere just by a simple tap on the screen. Moreover, the look says chic and charming when it comes to straps. There is also a rotator camera shoot application that allows self – images to be taken, along with an activity tracker connected to your tab or mobile phone. Furthermore, having an alarm wake up. A system that schedules sleep and checks on notifications like Facebook, Twiiter and Whatsapp, giving you knowledge on what’s going on when you’re busy, and not attending your phone.

5] Fossil Smart watch –

If you are searching for a luxurious smart watch that’s bound to shock all, then, there’s the Fossil smart watch available in the Indian market for you.

This smart watch actually seconds to none in looks and style. For it’s got a new full round digital display with many features, which with the help of a glance, help you to make your life easier and elegant and happier at the same time. Furthermore, it’s known to be the best, since it notifies on your social media and text messages and emails alters, and alarm and time notes.

The most amazing thing about this watch is that it comes with an interchangeable watch band. Breakaway to a new strap onto your wrist and just go. Because, it is compatible with both; I phone and Android.

For all it perks and plus, information on these five smart watches make perfect for you, your hand and your life. Go today and get one!