Tips to Style yourself this summer

Summer is around the corner and everyone is looking to get hotter. Taking things into action, fat or thin, shy or ugly, it really doesn’t matter as your style and outfit are the ones who will make the final call. Thus, a few tips will help you enjoy good looks for this summer season.

The first is – Color Combination!

Color is a must for anything. For the world is actually quite filled with many colors that make you smile. But, at times, you as human being many not look so great with each and every color on your skin. Thus, it is important to keep in mind that, whenever you are to style yourself. If your skin is fair, then, dark colors compliment you creating a bold look. If your skin is dark, then, light colors normally create a bold yet positive appearance. Furthermore, you must always know what color of clothes or shade your wardrobe consists off. Because, you can effortlessly pair up the clothes together, creating the perfect outfits for summer. For example, a simple plain white shirt and blue short jeans pant. Or a simple long pink dress with white shoes and a white bag. For men, a normal white shirt with a black or blue short pant. Or a chino with a formal shirt too makes a summer meet up or date, a worthy take home. This is what the single color palette is all about. But, what about the double color palette?

Well, they are mostly like black, white and red. That is the pant, shirt and tie or the coat that gives you party fame yet official wear look for work if you are CEO of a company. But, for a regular employee it depends on the color of the suit. Blue, black, grey, white or brown. Moving further, the tie color counts too as it could be black, white, red, blue or brown or with a checked detailed design on it for work. But, it is for a casual wedding or party then, there can be designs on it that may look funky yet bring compliments to you.

Be it a man or woman or child, you must feel free to wear bright colors sometimes, even if you usually stick to blacks and grey. Creating a color palette just makes creating your style and shopping for new pieces easier and fast, and makes you get compliments on your taste, choice and preference.

Find you nature style – It is always important to find you style and nature of wear. Why? It is because; you come to know what all you look good in. For instance, a men’s V shape shirt doesn’t look good on people with a big body. It makes them look feminine. But, if it is a well toned man. Then, he is to look like a hero since most V shape shirts today are made to be form fitting.

Note – For you may have an old school feel and may chose designs that are old school. But, you don’t look old school. Leaving the fact that time is just passing by; there will be a need for you to change your nature on choice of clothes that end up making you look better than good. And compliments are received on a high point for you.

3] Create outfits – Once you check your clothes and the colors, this stage makes pairing easy to check on what’s form fitting and what’s not? Then, you take on pairing with colors. And finally you add the accessories to your outfits and look into the mirror like a customer who comes to a shop to buy something new. If you end up judging yourself according to dressing up at situations. Then, you are a fashion champion.

4] New trends – Always look on the net or get to a magazine and the malls or fashion stores to see what’s come new in the market to wear and while your there why not check out some water sports magazines and see how you can enjoy the summer with some fun water sports. Why? It is simple to say that fashion is nation. And nation is you wearing fashion. Plus, people and sales end fast at the stores during months of November and December during the before Christmas. The same goes for Diwali in October.

5] Signature outfit for the season – Be it summer, winter, rainy or autumn. There must be one signature outfit that attracts all for your years creating it to be the perfect memory. For instance, white shirts and blue short pants for a couple or a bachelor man or woman walking by the park or the beach during the summer evenings or mid mornings. Then, a suit to work for a man or woman. But also, a woman can wear a tight form fitting business casual dress. There is however, the look of a black suit at funerals that also is a turn on for many.

6] Accessories – By adding a few accessories to your body, you can look and become stylish and be complimented by many people around you. Like a watch is known to be the most common accessory that gives you style, flare and tell you the time and more if it is a smart watch. A belt keeps your pants from falling down. Tie, as a couture, it makes an impression of an employee and calls for style and handsomeness. However, on a woman neck, it is sure to be a turn on. Lastly, there are sunglasses which make a person feel powerful, fashioned and stylish turning him or her into a worthy icon in front of people, who they end up inspiring to make a change in life, and to grow and become a certain someone.

There you have it. Six important tips that you will most need when it comes to styling yourself for this summer. Hurry up and get started! Summer is waiting to introduce you to everyone