ACEFAST 65W GaN3 transparent charger (A45/A46/A47) – review

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A sleek and powerful ACEFAST 65W GaN3 transparent charger (A45/A46/A47) for your devices

The ACEFAST 65W GaN3 transparent charger is a stylish and potent charger that can swiftly and effectively charge your gadgets. It has GaN3 technology, which makes it more compact and effective than standard chargers. Additionally, the charger features three connections so you may simultaneously charge numerous devices.

The ACEFAST 65W GaN3 transparent charger has the following salient characteristics:

  • Quickly charges cellphones, iPads, and laptops with a 65W output.
  • GaN3 engineering more compact and effective than standard chargers.
  • Three ports: Several gadgets may be charged simultaneously.
  • Transparent style: Elegant and striking.

Like the majority of devices in the category, the charger doesn’t have a very intriguing name. Of course, it is readily identifiable, but you must search for the A45 model name for the EU variation, the A46 model name for the Chinese variant, and the A47 model name for the US variant. The A45 EU model, which we have in Cherry Blossom, Mica Grey, Mountain Mist, and Purple Alfalfa, is the basis for this evaluation. Although it appears to be sold on Amazon for €40, the suggested retail price is about $60.

Let’s go through some specifications first. Due to its GaN3 foundation, the A45 is a small 65W charger. With three ports, it is incredibly versatile.

Specification: ACEFAST transparent 65W GaN3 A45/A46/A47 charger

Body96×54.5×33.5mm, 162g; Flame-retardant PC; Purple alfalfa, Mountain mist, Cherry blossom, Mica gray colors.
InputAC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, EU, CN and US plug available.
OutputUSB-C: 3.3V-21V@3A (PPS), 5V@3A, 9V@3A, 12V@3A, 15V@3A, 20V@3.25A (65W max) (Support for PPS, PD3.0, PD2.0, QC4+, QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, DCP1.5A, iP 2.4A, SAM 2A); USB-A: 5V@3A, 9V@2A, 12V@1.5A, 10V@2A (20W max) (Support for QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, DCP1.5A, iP 2.4A, SAM 2A).
TechnologyGaN3 (3rd generation Gallium nitride), AI temperature control 2.0, over current protection, over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over power protection, magnetic field protection, electrostatic protection, over temperature protection, lightning protection.


Clearly, the translucent 65W ACEFAST GaN3 chargers’ design is one of their main selling points. The review units attracted a lot of attention at the GSMArena office, indicating that ACEFAST may have discovered a new transparent trend. The chargers include three “viewing” windows in total, one on top and two on the narrower sides of the device. They aren’t completely transparent, but they are “strategically” transparent. The remaining two sides continue to be opaque. Particularly subtle and good at blending into any setting is the hue Mica Grey.

The other three color selections, especially Purple Alfalfa, are more whimsical and ideal if you prefer your gadgets to have an additional visual pop.

Whatever color you choose, you should be aware that the chargers’ “crystal” transparent surface plastic may eventually scratch and scuff. It simply has to happen.

Features and Specs Overview

Modern devices are most likely to employ Power Delivery, whereby the charger supports up to 65W at 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 20V. For charging laptops, the last of these voltage ratings is essential. A wide PPS (Programmable Power Supply) range of 3.3V to 21V is also available.

Additionally, Quick Charge is quite widely supported, with versions 4+, 3.0 (5V, 9V, 12V), and 2.0 all listed. Despite not being on the list, according to our testing, Quick Charge 5 is also supported through PD. Additionally, you have support for additional manufacturer-specific charging protocols. On the list are Samsung’s AFC (Adaptive Fast Charging) (5V, 9V, 12V) and the less complex Samsung 2A standard.

Additionally present are Huawei’s SCP (Super Charge Protocol) (3.3 – 12V up to 20W) and FCP (Fast Charge Protocol) (5V, 9V, 12V).

The standard USB BC1.2 type DCP (Dedicated Charging Port) charging is also supported by the ACEFAST charger at a maximum 1.5A. The 2.4A charging standard used by Apple is the last but not the least. This means that no significant standards are missing from the list, which is fantastic to see.

The ACEFAST charger’s USB Type-A port can only generate 20W and does not support the same charging protocols as the Type-C connections. There is, of course, no Power Delivery. QC (Quick Charge) 3.0 (5V, 9V, 12V) and 2.0 support are still available. Samsung’s AFC (Adaptive Fast Charging) (5V, 9V, 12V) and 2A standards are the same. Additionally, Huawei’s SCP (Super Charge Protocol) (3.3 – 12V up to 20W) and FCP (Fast Charge Protocol) (5V, 9V, 12V) are supported. The same holds true for Apple’s 2.4A standard and the 1.5A USB DCP (Dedicated Charging Port) standard. Overall, this is a reasonably adaptable list.

Naturally, not every connector on the charger can output its full power at once. The USB Type-A port by itself can push up to 20W, while each of the two Type-C ports can push up to 65W. When the charger’s first Type-C port is used simultaneously with any other ports, its output is reduced to 45W. While the Type-A port can output 18W alongside the first Type-C, the second Type-C port can output 20W alongside it. The output of the two ports appears to be further capped to a maximum of 5V@3.6A when the second Type-C and Type-A are used combined. To demonstrate all of this, see the following graph.


A smooth and functional charger is the clear 65W GaN3 A45/A46/A47 ACEFAST. It is appropriate for anything from your phone to your laptop and console, like a Nintendo Switch or Valve Steam Deck, and it offers wide charging protocol support.

The charger is also fairly small, effective, and doesn’t overheat when in use thanks to GaN3 technology. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors and has a somewhat distinguishing transparent appearance that is also oddly undetectable.

According to what we know, the charger will cost $60 at retail. Although it is not the most affordable price for a charger of this type available, it is also not too dissimilar from other offers from companies like Anker, UGREEN, or Baseus. Even still, it’s important to note that Amazon appears to have it listed for €40.

The ACEFAST clear 65W GaN3 A45/A46/A47 charger should be perfect for you if you’re looking for a reliable, cutting-edge, multipurpose charger.

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