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Wear this mask, and viruses may no longer exist.

The final iteration of a face mask that purports to neutralize pollutants, viruses, and bacteria on contact was unveiled by AIRXM at CES 2023. While medical and surgical face masks can guard against the spread and exposure of viruses, it appears that AIRXM will really kill viruses as it filters them.

This “smart mask” was first released a few years ago as part of a surge of technical advancement intended to address problems caused by the global Covid-19 outbreak. After going through multiple modifications, the Airxom mask is now touted as providing defense against bacteria, viruses, and airborne pollutants.

Due to its polyethylene terephthalate filters, which trap particles inside mesh textile textiles while deactivating and rendering them inert by exposure to antiseptic and antibiotic copper as well as UV light rays projected onto a photocatalytic silver surface, this is possible. During this procedure, both organic and non-organic pollutants are neutralized as hazards as they pass through the mask.

What is the AIRXÔM’s Mask and how this is the future of personal protection?

The technology underlying this mask, according to Dave Ellerby, Chief Scientist at Reviewed, “holds up,” adding that “The AIRX-M is unusual in that it incorporates features you typically only see in room-size air purifiers into a mask.”
The mask uses three different methods to block pollutants. Metal nanoparticles stitched into the mask work to kill bacteria and viruses while the mesh fabric catches contaminants. UVA-activated titanium dioxide is used in the photocatalytic layer of the mask to hasten the antiviral effects of the titanium dioxide. There are particles of cooper in a different layer that have demonstrated antiviral properties and may be able to eliminate viruses.

Ellerby points out that the AIRX-M might prevent or eliminate the most concerning types of airborne pollution by fusing several technologies into a single, compact container.

The mask covers the lips and nose and is worn similarly to a regular medical mask. It weights 160 grams, or nearly a third of a pound, making it bulkier than your typical mask. The mask has a lifespan of around three years due to the antiviral features built into the design. With the intention of minimizing waste after the mask’s useful life, AIRXM has put in place a recycling procedure.

Although the AIRX-M mask hasn’t yet been released, the company anticipates making it accessible through its website by the end of 2023. The mask costs 480 euros, which is roughly $510 USD.


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