Retro Pocket 2S In-Depth Review: The Best Retro Handheld Under $100

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Hello everyone, I’m Ajay Kamat and this is my in-depth review of the Retroid Pocket2S. I want to make a case in my in-depth review today that Retro Pocket 2 is the best retro emulator under a hundred dollars right now from iStart. In this comprehensive review, I aim to make a case for the Retro Pocket 2S as the best retro handheld under $100.

I will delve into various aspects, including the device’s design, ergonomics, standout features, and its performance in emulating different gaming platforms. Before we dive into the details, let’s explore the journey that led to my choice of the Retro Pocket 2S over other options in the market.

Retroid Pocket 2S Retro Game Handheld Console, Android Retro Game Console Multiple Emulators Console Handheld 3.5 Inch Display 4000mAh Battery Classic Games Console (Clear Black, 4+128GB)

Retroid Pocket 2S Retro Game Handheld Console, Android Retro Game Console Multiple Emulators Console Handheld 3.5 Inch Display 4000mAh Battery Classic Games Console (Clear Black, 4+128GB)

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Retro Pocket 2S Highlights: Choosing Retro Pocket 2S Over Previous Devices

I just want to do this Mention the RG350 MMbnic, I bought it when I started, it was my first device and I got the metal device because I thought it would be the only device I ever bought, I Didn’t know things were about to change, I bought it because Retroid wasn’t there yet. At the time those were the two I was deciding on between the RG350 or the 350m or the Retro Pockets 2 Plus and I went for the Embernik because retro wasn’t there yet but things have changed the RetroPoker 2s really made the game retro. Changes it. Much better than the Retro Pocket 2 and Two Plus so today I want to talk about the fact that this is the best retro handled under $100 on the market today, let’s jump straight to the standout features on this device Find out when you read my unboxing article.

Ergonomics and Design – A Pleasurable Gaming Tool

I saw it and when I was holding it I thought it felt great in my hand, that feeling hadn’t gone away. I’ve played it with intense gaming for about four or five days now as I’ve been testing it for review and getting used to it. With grip and without grip and it’s a beautiful tool to hold, the difference do you know I’ve got the retro pocket three plus in the metal version, it feels solid, it’s really nice in the hand, but it’s heavy and So it was very enjoyable with the Thurg3405M.

Although the Amber Nick and its retro metal version, is just as light as a feather and feels comfortable in the hand, the edges are not sharp, so if you look at these edges they are not sharp, they are nice and chamfered It feels like it’s got a lovely manifest It can feel pleasurable in the hand and I really enjoy that the other standard feature are those buttons you know, these are action buttons, I actually asked Richard and I That said these action buttons are double injection molded buttons similar to the retro PocketFlip and I really like those buttons. There are nice action buttons and the rubber membrane they are using feels really good, you know I don’t know about their long-term quality but they feel really great and they have that amber nick and action button. Competitors whom I enjoy very much and then so do they.

The Exceptional Joysticks and Front-Facing Speakers

‘ We’ve incorporated the Flip’s analog triggers, plus they’ve also included these new analog horse sensor joysticks that’ve got a better range of motion than our other devices, you know, all the other retro devices on the market. While using these limited ranges of motion joysticks, you can see a lot of variation. Look at how much wobble they have, how much range of motion you get between them, these are truly extraordinary and we’ll get into more details with them now, other standard feature front facing speakers, I can’t stress this enough. Another device I’ve reviewed recently, front-facing speakers make a huge difference to the experience of the device and so even though this device has such a big chin, I appreciate the fact that it has front-facing speakers. There are -facing speakers and they are quite good front-facing speakers and then you have the excellent performance over the Valiant and that’s the thing I want you to stay tuned for information because the performance on this device is amazing, maybe I forgot I’m not sure how the Retro Pocket 3 Plus performs, but I’m finding the GameCube’s performance to be very good here, so the next part of this article generally has serious flaws and I don’t want to emphasize it too much.

Retroid Pocket 2S Retro Game Handheld Console, Android Retro Game Console Multiple Emulators Console Handheld 3.5 Inch Display 4000mAh Battery Classic Games Console (Clear Black, 4+128GB)
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Flaws and Annoyances

The flaws of this device because I really think they have perfected this little device, the first thing it has is bugs in the start and select buttons, so first of all to put the start and select buttons on the front of the device. Well done, which is really nice, so if you look there the device is almost in the body and it hasn’t made any craters yet, now it clicks so if you use your finger it actually is so effective that you eventually press the device to press this button so it’s one of those things you get used to so it’s not a serious flaw but it is really annoying on a device like this Which is absolutely true, these devices are very similar, but you can feel that they’re a little bit bigger, they’re a little bit more recessed and the more I test them, they just have a little bit more feedback because they’re exactly half the are sort of a little more than a millimeter out from the body The other thing I want to point out with my ominous blade is that this bezel is now much larger, it’s the same 3.5 inch screen size as you say 3.35 RG353P , you know the types of devices that are now becoming obsolete. And so $99 for a device in 2023 is still affordable.

Addressing Flaws – A Candid Assessment

I know they probably made compromises here for some reason, but if they could have stretched the screen this far it would have made a world of difference, the bezels wouldn’t have been that big, it would have made this device probably the best under 20 to 23 The device would have been created. Like skyrocketing a hundred dollars, making it one of the best devices of the year, you know, yeah, it’s a little thing that I wish had changed and then I noticed when I for some reason When I take the device out of sleep mode, even though I have set Deja it shows up on the homescreen, so if I press the home button it goes there, but if I do that I know I don’t. I do, recently since I started reviewing there, it goes to this, you know, taskmanager screen but it usually goes to the Android home screen and then I do this to bring it into DigiShow.

Press the home button again which is a weird dang thing and I hope they fixed it in an update because it’s an Android issue so let’s go through the buttons now as the mentioned retroid told me These are the same buttons flipped, these double injection molded buttons, I think retro buttons in general have a kind of clunkiness to them, so how did I find out that my kids sometimes play these instruments while I am doing taekwondo and one day they used the amber nick device or it could have been the x28 parker dx28 and my daughter was sitting quietly in the corner the whole time playing games and I forgot because I confined them to the devices and Then a few nights later I went with my wife and we gave the kids a retro Pocket Flip to play and we all listened in the corner when things got quiet, which leads me to the next thing on retro devices. , these are um dome switches, if I get this close to the mic, it’s pretty minor, but in a quiet room you know my studio is actually quite noisy.

Buttons and Controls of Retro Pocket 2S

And um for a silent room you know this plaster clasp and then also the shoulder buttons, although I say these are really silent because if you’re careful you can do the triggerbuttons quietly, it’s all very Gets stiff, you know so just going to these trigger buttons it has this silent motion from there to there but obviously you have that which is obviously something but it’s not something about I would complain because it’s just you know it’s extraordinary to use, those shoulder buttons are so cute to click on the range of motion There’s something to be said about that button you know it’s so clicky Gonna do, obviously I mean they all click, the fact that it clicks all the way in is great, now at the top here we’ve got our volume buttons, just a normal lazy press It’s a little recessed, but it’s very easy to use since it’s on the top of the body, I don’t have any problems with it even without power, I guess it’s not worth trying to find it and take it out of sleep mode , I find that actually I am better off using the larger buttons on the Retro Pocket 3 Plus so I sometimes have difficulty finding that button and then as I mentioned earlier these start and select buttons get pressed quickly.

Are not and so using my nail feels fine now but that’s because I’m actually pressing a little bit into the body when I press to get that click, but if you’re playing. You just Let’s see I’ve got a squeeze here like a hold and squeeze my finger, so it’s something you get used to. It’s not a deal breaker, so I don’t do that I want to say this That’s a serious flaw. Still, it’s definitely something that will bother you while using the device and then moving on to these joysticks, these are the best joysticks on a device at this price point and the only device I’ve come across for under Rs 250. Don’t test many devices.

Ann Larky’s starting price is around $300, it has joysticks similar to what I’ve seen in reviews because it has that kind of round mechanism inside the body and it kind of rolls, it’s the only budget device that has something similar, It’s a completely different housing inside It’s a completely different system that you can’t switch with the joystick of the Airtroid Pocket 3 Plus or the Unbanic RG405 and we can’t really change the game, it’s really That’s extraordinary for this price point, so what Retro might have done is they lost so you can even see in the blurred background where the trigger buttons are, they lost the pocket capability, unfortunately for me Don’t have a plus or two to compare it to, but from reading the article I know it’s definitely something you know about Retro Pockets. The 2 Plus had a slider here so it was flat right in front of the body but then again it is a slider.

It’s a very nice joystick to use, but it does take a bit of your pocket space, now I want to do something I’ve done in every single article since I started doing this is, it’s the shake test, so I want to walk you through something that’s worse specifically for that device that Kmarts did late last year versus the RG 353, now there’s the RG 405m which is about 200 which is Not much better, I would turn off the audio processing so you can hear it well, sounds like a box of matches you know I used to. I used to forgive these devices for this because we were in the early stages. And that’s all we had, now I’ve got the Retroids, so it’s the Retro Pocket 3 Plus, we have a little rattle, the Richard Pocket 2, it doesn’t rattle at all and you know it I’m here with a little I’ve been studying the topic since and I don’t think a lot of people will care once they start using their device.

Retroid Pocket 2S Retro Game Handheld Console, Android Retro Game Console Multiple Emulators Console Handheld 3.5 Inch Display 4000mAh Battery Classic Games Console (Clear Black, 4+128GB)
Image credit – amazon

But, when you unbox a device when I make a article and I say you should get this device And then it comes up and the first thing you do is, wow, what the hell is this about, you know I don’t want this to happen and so I think the shake test is really the way to test these devices. An important part and given that manufacturers are slowly but surely starting to put a little more care into their devices and that’s why I’m starting to be a little sold on Retroid as a brand, I Must emphasize that I am not paid by any of these companies, I am tired of all these devices and am starting to see more and more devices, this 2S is really winning me over.

‘I’ve looked at other reviews and I haven’t seen anyone compare this device to the andronicrg353p and in my opinion it’s the closest competitor because it’s an Android device with a 3.5 inch screen, it has the lowest specification, but you know That it also has ergonomics, it’s really exceptional ergonomics and so I think these two are quite matched, we’ve got better performance, better ergonomics pretty close to everything else and that’s Android and the same size screen. So I want to compare these two, what I’m surprised about is that by Animic it’s an older device, you know I was hoping I would be able to go better in the retro way because I actually enjoy the retro screen, that’s because the screen actually pops, but what you lose when you pop the screen is that you lose dynamic range.

Now you’ll notice that this screen Looks a little bit more dull, but the reason it looks more dull is because it has an even spread of all the colors, you’ll see here Darkwing Duck, the pink is brighter, the whites are whiter, rum and then when you go to the startup screen. If you’re looking, look at these rocks looks almost white whereas here you can see it’s light gray and what happens when you make a screencap is that you enhance the light colors and sometimes in 16-bit games lose details on stuff, it’s no big deal and I mean I’m playing on retro Pocket 2s and Dreamcasts and all kinds of stuff on the screen is really cool, but then here’s the other thing, so now my The brightness is already quite low for the near camera and it can’t be seen very well on the screen, so I’ll explain to you if I see that, but wait, this is really interesting, so the2s let me know in dark situations.

The I seems a little bright and the amber neck is even brighter, so I thought I am completely wrong in what I thought, yet in fact the amber neck is very bright and so it is a little dark situation, low light. The device I like for dark situations is the MyPocket 2s will definitely suit you. Be able to do that, so if we go brighter it’s going to blow up this exposure on my screen, see yes, you’ll see it’s getting blown out, but I will tell you that yes, it’s brighter so it’s better in dark situations.

And brighter and brighter conditions so this is a huge plus for the Retro Pocket 2S, so that little test was actually pretty far off the cuff, I was expecting a different result though maybe amber nick in low light And has better color rendition in high bright light situations, it’s not really going to trick a device. It’s much more expensive than the RG405M which I enjoyed in low light situations and it’s quite bright, so you know. That it is much more expensive is one of my big problems with this device in the Syrian 2023, I just feel like the 3.5 inch 4×3 display is too small, I am enjoying it and the 4×3 aspect is grand.

In this we will just get into the demo of the high-performance 4×3 aspect ratio system which actually works quite well in this device but like I said if they could have removed the bezels this would have been my favorite device of 2023 as I mentioned I’m wearing mine, I may be smart on top, but underneath I’m casual, so these are tracksuit pants, so obviously anything casual would look good in these, but they’re a little heavy, come retropocket two. Do three plus, even though it’s longer.

A little bit more compact and then obviously you have the 405m which is even better, also a little bitchunkuh let’s look at the Mio Mini Plus which is obviously going to be a lot better, yes so and then let’s go back, we’ve Tried one of the compact devices on the market it’s not too bad it’s pretty good I would say I think it’s quite pocketable Thanks Exotic That audio first of all I was just reminded that the RetroPocket 3 Plus what an exceptional device but other than that the Retro Pocket 3 Plus is loud but the front-facing speakers make it more useful because you know when you’re putting the Retro Pocket 3 Plus at full volume and maybe your surroundings -If there are some people nearby it’s activating from there and so you’re getting the audio firing at other people whereas this.

I can keep it really gentle, just a notch higher and so I can keep the vibe of the audio a little bit Can get and no one will really know, front-facing speakers are a huge win for me and I’ve always thought this would be a shame in the future. ifretroid go for the AA two no matter what the next version of it is and remove the front-facing speakers because they are really great and now I hope the retro puck will have front-facing speakers because it would really make a big difference Makes and then interms in terms of audio quality you might have noticed that the amber nic was way behind in terms of audio quality, the retro pocket 3 probably has better speakers but it sounds the best, you get a good fullspread of audio because it Just destroying Apache

And then I’ll just mention Android right away, you know it’s well documented now with retroed devices, but it has one of the best Android builds that you can find with Power Kitty and Ember Ink and all these Just so you know guys, it has handheld settings so you can set some things for the handle, for example I set the sleep mode and we’ll talk about sleep. mode in a minute, but I changed some settings in the handheld settings to make my sleep mode work better.

You know in the drop-down menu I have to balance performance and extreme for my needs, so when I Gamecube So I make sure it’s on extreme eye comfort which makes it yellow for night time viewing you can switch the floating icon which is on the side which is quite cool in the game you use it and you Swipe it up and you can actually delete things from your RAM and there’s a number of other handheld settings that you can tweak and change within the Android build and so this Android build is really set up for gaming.

And it’s Retroid has actually optimized a lot on the emulator side too, but it’s not really an Android thing, but yes, it good for your Android build, well you can now tweak the sleep mode in the handheld settings I’ll show a clip from our 405m article where I did it for the Argum for the Retro Pocket 3 Plus to fix the sleep mode, but couldn’t fix the retro sleep mode for whatever reason, I think. That’s my Too bad, but since I made that little change it now turns off background processes when you press the power button.

Now you know where I stand, I am 60 years old and I have been using the device for two days, before the review I had to put it on charge for a while and hence the sleep mode is working much better, You know if I turn on sweep mode at night and I had 80, I’ll wake up in the morning with 74 which isn’t great but it’s not terrible either and then again I haven’t done a batch like gaming battery test, I will put that information on the screen.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Now so this is my Steamlink test, this is The Walking Dead and my connection is not very good, so that’s not what we’re focusing on here, what we’re focusing on is the controls and this There’s a stage I’ve been literally trying for months because I never got a chance to play it on my PC and you can actually beat it by playing with the mouse to focus on the corpses and shoot them.

And I did it because I had a big smile on my face I finally finished it because those joysticks are like that Okay okay and then I want to talk about the aesthetics because now people have said that it’s dated But I chose the clear black version and the reason I did that is so I got the black grip and I’m really glad I did that because if you look from top to bottom this is the color you know it’s really cool Looks, it shows the parts really well, it’s clear, it’s really beautiful, it has a nice matte finish, I think the matteblack really hides the fact that it’s an older design, but You know there’s nothing wrong with just a nice straight edge in the design.

I don’t think it’s going to date too badly like I said the only thing I think What makes it date is that once you turn on that screen and you see that big bezel it’s kind of disappointing and yes, so I mean if I had to give it a rating out of 10 Aesthetics I’ve given all of them pretty high ratings, I mean let’s compare it to something that’s really stunning, let’s look at the RG405M which is a beautiful device, you know this matteblack, it matte black clear black blackplastic it looks great, yes so I think it holds its own so if I had to give it a rating, I would say I would give it an eight and a half out of ten, okay.

So Let’s talk about the ergonomics in terms of the grip, so I had the grip for the Flip and it was great, but it was like twisted off, you know what they’ve done with this design is the first one, As I mentioned it feels really good in the hand, it’s nice and light, it has that beautiful matte finish and your fingers wrap around those um analog triggers really well now how does the script work Well, it slides down, there it’s got these two little teeth like this are very hard and they push up against the body, which already gives it some stiffness, now the upper lip here.

There are no clips, but wraps, so once wrapped around there is very little wiggle room, it feels like one integrated body. The system part looks like it’s part of the device and because I chose matte black with a black grip it actually looks quite nice, I think the white grip I have would go weird with my retro pocket flip. looks but it looks great and so you know if you want a recommendation on the best-looking combination with a grip I haven’t got all the colors but in this time I haven’t seen anything that beats it Looks better and it feels great.

Retroid Pocket 2S Retro Game Handheld Console, Android Retro Game Console Multiple Emulators Console Handheld 3.5 Inch Display 4000mAh Battery Classic Games Console (Clear Black, 4+128GB)
Image credit – amazon

Better Grip of Retro Pocket 2S

It’s how I’ll play GameCube and dream course games because it feels great your screen is smaller but it feels really good so that’s really the thing I love about the grip What I thought about is that it doubles up as a case. It protects the device. Put a screen guard in there and your device is pretty well protected. Maybe just put one on when you put it in your bag or something.

If you keep it in a case then you put a cloth over it, but it does not protect it completely, let’s take a look at this case, the finishing of this case is very good, it picks up a little dust, but its finish is good Yes, it has a dark red logo. This little tag thing on it has a good grip, it’s like a really premium feeling, the zip feels great, I wouldn’t say it’s the best grip zip you’ll find on anything, but it Looks great, I like the fact that it has these like small sizes.

it’s a little furry thing to protect your screen, goes in here, there’s a little gap here, but I don’t know that I Know exactly what it is for and it sits and it doesn’t move in it, it fits really well the device is really great so I watched some of the big channels saying it was very easy to install, It’s not like, I don’t know where they got that from, you know I’ve been doing this for a while now and the device doesn’t come with games or anything like that, so it’s not that easy to set up. As it happens, the RG-405M is as uncluttered as possible and it’s very easy to set up.

Set up Android for Retro Pocket 2S

Does not come with it so you need to set up an SD card There are a lot of I have written guides and article guides like mine, I found the Retro Pocket Flip and Three Plus setup guide that will work for this and it will help you set up Android. It’s very long but you just need to use the bits that work for you and so this sets up your emulator connect the emulator to dozer show digest connect show.

I just those folders Shows where your ROMs are placed Make sure your bios files are in place and then everything should work so it’s like a process, if you want something easy to setup I would recommend the Animatic RG505 or the Android Ambisonic Would recommend the RG405M, so to repeat you can use RetroidLauncher and use them all, it has some little features that I find quite useful but it is the same type of setup to set up the Dodger show.

Sets the uptime which is infinitely better, so you know just use digger shows, so if you go to apps and take a look at dolphin build, when I opened it I realized it was mmjr 2 The emulator has a AA port which is a good thing it is set up, especially for smaller devices, now they changed it for retroids and I think that was the last time I used them or that If anything, they’ve toned them down a bit since then, but the performance is phenomenal and you only get it on the Retroid, so if you’re really into the Dreamcast and emulation isn’t what it’s supposed to be, it’s going to play great.

But if you’re into Dreamcast emulation and you want it on a budget it won’t play every game but it will perform quite well with a lot of them and then I noticed a little bit of confusion, so when you’re on the Dodger show So let’s show you this, when you first set it up it won’t scroll through you, I’m pressing an R2, it won’t scroll through your menus the way I am which you Should you need to go to settings, you need to go to handheld settings and you need to go to input l2 r2 mode analog-digital or both and I just selected both and that’s where you need to go to either of the two tools.

Get the best, I hope it works well, so I want to do a separate article on getting the best out of those analog triggers because you know it performs quite well for using analog triggers, so let’s See what we can get out of this in a future article and then you might have noticed now going into settings, going back to handling settings there and then M1 key mapping.

This is your M1 keymap, you can use it as a back button, you already have a back button, I’m not sure what that home button will do, you already have a home button, so I just set it to app switch you know I don’t really see any other buttons that you want so they’re kind of a task manager that’s what I use it for and so I mapped it So if you got the three-gigabyte version there will be a three gig RAM version.

Retroid Pocket 2S Retro Game Handheld Console, Android Retro Game Console Multiple Emulators Console Handheld 3.5 Inch Display 4000mAh Battery Classic Games Console (Clear Black, 4+128GB)
Image credit – amazon

Recommend a 256-gigabyte card because you’ll only have 32 gigs of memory onboard and so you’ll want a lot of memory and so just pop that in there and go crazy and put as many games on there as you want, you’ll know if you two Set up the internal memory, you can download your Android games onto the external memory, all that kind of stuff and then a little setup tweak if you’re setting it up and things aren’t syncing just go to Syncentire in the library.

Go and if something isn’t syncing like the album art or you know this image coming up for the system, just sync it all the way in, it’ll do that for you, okay so I want to make some performance notes As I mentioned in the previous section, the Dolphin Forehandhold is particularly intriguing and interesting because it’s a lower end chipset than the T618 likes the RPE 3Plus and the Ambisonic RG405M and I obviously get a very good GameCube experience graphically here. Used to be.

It has been reduced as you know to improve performance, but I can play GameCube games, it’s great, if you know if you have a three gig version like me, I would recommend it, ever -Sometimes if you find that things are taking a while to load, have this little side menu on and you say speed up and it will kill all those things you know about the processes behind the scenes.

And then if you decide that you’re playing on whatever GameCube or whatever and you want to go to extreme performance mode you’ll notice that it’s going to get a little bit hotter on the back side, that’s just part of the deal here There’s a part so I just wanted to mention that the games I’m not really into are on the Game Gear, but the Game Gear and Game Boy Color actually look quite nice on the system, so I mostly focus on higher-end systems.

Just to show you that this device performs quite well compared to the Dolphin Four. -The handle emulator is compiled by Retrode and they set it to 0.5 resolution so some of the games don’t look good Luigi’s Mansion actually looks perfect and played really nice so it was nice but I would prefer the GameCube With I would say you’re looking at about 40 percent perfect playability like 60 where you’ll start running into problems and then the other 40 will be almost unplayable or just have a lot of problems, simulating any difference in Mario Kart 7.

Always tricky, here you know there’s a lot of slow motion and stuttering if you turn the audio on or if you really pay attention. Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games if you really want to play games, it doesn’t run well, I just want to say that, but it runs and on a device like this you know with the T618 chipset.

The Android Pocket Three Plus is more powerful and also struggles with this game. And you know it’s not far behind Retro Pockets 3 Plus, regarding the game Need for speed underground, I can play it on my RetroPoker 3, can’t play it here, also there’s Need for Speed Underground 2 Not played very well, on paper macrosomia requested some graphic inconsistencies and intro sequences for this and this is gameplay As you can see I am doing a challenge here and it is played very fluid good gameplay on paper mariosimpsons hit and run almost perfect there are some small glitches when it’s like loading from one location to another scene to scene but overall very good gameplay so it’s sonic 4gamecube i can’t remember.

That’s exactly what it is, what it’s called, but it plays really well and it’s a pretty cool version of Sonic to play Star Fox Adventure is a game I actually discovered during testing. And I thought it wouldn’t emulate, it’s an action role player game and it’s a complete simulator, Super Mario Sunshine is another game I didn’t expect to emulate on this device and it played fine, so here We have God of War here to play with a little bit of audio stutter, but you know it plays great, in fact you know I would probably play this game like crazy on this device and Then Half-Life.

I wanted to show it off because it’s fun to play but these joysticks are perfect for it A game like this requires two joysticks since this game was originally a PC game, you don’t have to play the game on New Super Mario NDS That second joystick is needed to move around, so all your NDS games are going to be playing, I just do fullscreen and I switch screens with my left joystick, you can see I did it right now Pressed and it switches screens and then goes to 3DS, you won’t be able to play all 3DS games, but here Super Mario 2 is working perfectly.

I will play this game on this device, it has both It’s a great match of, you know the display versus just the screen and everything I love and uh New Yoshi’s Island also the 3DS is working perfectly, you won’t be able to play all the 3DS games on this device, but I just wanted to showcase these games that are playing really well and link it to the community spreadsheet I’m running as well. It’s hard to emulate the Sega Saturn to contribute um to the performance that comes on this device I hope so I bought the Abasan Shiro Pro for the emulator.

And I told you about Daytona which is usually hard to emulate, I have Sega Rally which is usually hard to emulate and they play well on this device, Sonic R especially not my favorite Sonic but it played and it played perfectly so I need to test it a little more on the Sega Saturn but you know it’s quite impressive that this little device is emulating this and this Played the best, It had the best gameplay out of the Sega Settings games I tested and finally Androidm you know because it’s an Android chipset that runs these Android games quite flawlessly.

Real Racing is my favorite little type of Like brainless racing game I enjoyed it, Asphalt 8, I couldn’t get Asphalt 9 but said the device was updated, so Asphalt 8 is running flawlessly, so it’s a device worth it at 99 100 Yes I think at 99 it is the best deal you can get on the planet right now I believe that however the problem is it just isn’t 99 and as you saw in this review That’s three gigabytes of RAM is a lot so you can save money on that, maybe by using a case or something like that or that money for shipping because if you’re in my country the shipping for this device is sixty dollars and then.

On top of that it was about fifty dollars of import tax it was just ridiculous so for anyone in my country who asks me about this device tell them it’s not worth it so I recently recommended it to someone The RG353V by Three is on Banggood because the shipping is cheap and it’s still fast enough, I mean its shipping lightning fast, it takes five days from China, which is perfect for where I live.

Ridiculous, but $60 shipping is ridiculous, so it’s one of the bigger issues now. It might be worth getting something like the Three Five Three Wagen at face value, no, it’s a better device in almost every respect, but you need to consider your shipping, so just check shipping to your country, like this There are two things you need to consider with this device, but as it stands it is one of the best devices of 2024 and one of the best devices under a 100$.

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